UNIBOR high speed steel broaching cutters are available in two types of cutting depth, S type for 30mm cutting thickness material and L type for 50 mm cutting thickness material – in diameter of 12mm to 100mm in 1mm increments. Specially designed for use with UNIBOR range of electro magnetic drilling machines, the cutters also deliver extra capacity and performance in other machine tools.

The success of UNIBOR broaching cutters is proven in their ability to cut more accurate holes using less energy and giving longer tool life. Because these broaching cutters only remove metal at the periphery of the hole being cut, on average only 25% of the material in the hole is converted into ‘chips’, requiring much less power than conventional twist drills. The additional benefit provided by the multiple cutting edges of UNIBOR High Speed Steel broaching cutters include the faster feed rates that can be achieved because each cutting edge does less work, also giving the benefit of longer tool life, and unlike a twist drill, there is no ‘dead’ center of the cutting action, giving more holes between sharpening.

Because the cutting edges are only at the periphery of H.S.S. broaching cutters, they operate in a much narrower range of surface speeds than those of twist drills, so permitting drilling close to the optimum surface FPM/MPM for the material being worked. The opportunity increase the capacity of your existing machines is another benefit of H.S.S. broaching cutters – you get more work from the same horsepower! The unique geometry of UNIBOR H.S.S. broaching cutters also helps to achieve faster feed, lower cutting resistance, greater accuracy and better finish.

UNIBOR offers H.S.S. Broaching Cutters in:

  • M2 High Speed Steel Cutters for mild steel material
  • M42 Cobalt Steel Cutters for high-tension steel material


Unibor Cutter Specs

Standard Cutters

  • Standard 3/4” shank with
  • flats at 90°
  • Fully ground
  • Resharpenable
  • M35 cobalt
  • Unique geometry – provides
  • faster feed, less friction, and
  • smooth hole finish

 *Coatings and carbide tipped cutters available upon request


Hole Drilling Factors

  • Hardness of Material Abrasion Resistance
  • Condition of Cutting Tool
  • Machine HP
  • Lubrication
  • Speed (RPM)
  • Feed Rate




Standard M2 HSS

Unibor standard cutters are carefully made from M2 high speed tool steel in diameters of 12 to 100mm in 1mm increments, and are available in two cutting depths – 30mm and 50mm.

Specifically designed for use with the Unibor range of machines, the cutters will also deliver extra capacity and performance in other machine tools such as lathes, pillar drills and machining centres.




Using the same unique tooth geometry as standard cutters, these cutters are manufactured from steel which has a higher percentage of cobalt for much greater wear resistance, and although slightly more brittle, give longer cutting life in mild steel and better performance in more exotic materials.



Special & bespoke cutters
Universal Drilling offers a special technical advisory service and has designed and developed many bespoke and unique cutting tools to solve specific hole cutting problems for customers worldwide. Custom lengths and diameters, special tooth geometry, stepped cutters, combined taps and cutters, reversed flutes, etc. have all been produced, together with the industrial range of cutters which have an increased wall thickness to withstand the greater loads imposed by larger machine tools.

Cutters can also be treated with a variety of specialised, cosmetic and performance enhancing coatings, such as TiN (titanium nitride)








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