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Portable Band Saw is faster than other available machines in the market, easy correction of oblique cut, contour function, precision cutting fitted with a Flat Vise for precision cutting from straight cuts to angle cuts upto 45°.
The quick cramp system handle secures quick and high power bundling.

Model Type: 6F
Max. Cut Dia 90°x45° (mm): 187×77
Max. Cut Square 90°x45° (mm): 150×175
Spec.: 220/V50Hz 200W, 43m/Min.
Acess. Incl. Bi-Metal Blade: 14 TPI

Flat device specification pipe  Beaver 6F up to 150 mm.

beaver 6f

Portable Band Saw ideal for cutting work in the workplace or in a factory.

Band Saw Beaver 6 cutting capacity upto 180mm

Cutting plastic pipe, steel pipe, lined water pipe, conduit, PVC pipe, PVC pipe, cast iron pipe, stainless steel tube, steel, square pipe, round bar, sash, etc.

-Efficiency in high speed cutting.
-New load adjusting system transverse cutting performance.
-Light, portable, ideal for field work.
-Safe because no sparks, odor, dust and pollution-free.
● to prevent motor Burnout, over load protection.
(Flat Vice)

Cutting capacity:
Angle 90 °, pipe diameter 180 mm (150 A) actuation steel 150 mm × 150 mm, angle pipe □ 150 mm and Rod diameter 80 mm
Angle 45 °, pipe diameter 77 mm (65A), angle pipe □ 75 mm and 75 mm diameter round bar
Weight: 47 kg
Motor:.09kw 100 V 200 W
Size (L×W × H): 975 x 415 x 415 mm
Standard accessories: 14 (cobalt) HSS blade 1 piece

|| Correct band saw cutting point
1. vise placed correctly cut material and fix firmly clamped.
2. cut depending on the quality of materials and plate thickness right please select the easy blade.
3. Please select the correct cutting precision adjustment system fits the cut material cutting speed for the load.
4. use the cutting of long pipe accessories of pipe support.
5. the beginning of always put the switch from this blade to cut wood ride slowly.  To cut materials of this please put the switch in carrying a blade.
6. this always wipe the oil on the surface of the blade with a powder such as clean on a regular basis.
|| The Asada bandsaw this blade features
Asada realized right angle cutting, speed cutting bandsaw this blade is a long life, is rich in variations.

12.Band Saw 125


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