CHARGER MAKITA DC18RC 18v Li-Ion Fast Charge


Makita DC18RC 18v Li-Ion Fast Charger Li-ion / Ni-Mh 7.2-18v



Makita DC18RC LXT Lithium Ion 18V Fast Battery Charger charges Makita batteries from 7.2V to 18V

The Makita DC18RC LXT Lithium-Ion Optimum Charger is the most advanced and feature rich charger that offers quick charging and longer battery life. This highly efficient charger takes 15 minutes for charging small batteries and 30 minutes for charging LXT batteries. It has an integrated cooling fan that cools the battery during charging to avoid over heating which results in speedy charging. To enhance battery life, this rapid optimum charger manages the battery’s current, voltage and temperature throughout the charging process. Its compact and light weight design makes it perfect for transportation and storage. All the above mentioned features make this Lithium-Ion Optimum Charger superior in its range.



  • The DC18RC has a cooling fan and Active 3 Controls
    • Fast charging – charges Li-Ion 3.0Ah battery in only 22 minutes
    • Built-in CPU – gathers information from the battery’s memory chip to determine optimum charging method
    • Forced air cooling fan – cools the battery to minimise charging time
    • Digital power display identifies the condition of the battery and charging condition
  • This means that during the loading of the charging voltage, charging current, and temperature is held in the holes
  • The cooling system blows cool air into the battery
  • As a result, high temperatures occur in the battery, so that the battery life is extended, and the charging process is accelerated
  • When used in conjunction with charging adapter ADP03 this charger offers also the possibility of charging Ni-MH slide on batteries of 9.6V to 24V batteries or when used with charging adapter ADP04 this charger offers the possibility to charge Ni-Cd and Ni-MH rod and block batteries of 7.2V to 18V batteries





Cell Capacity 1.5-5.0Ah
Charge Time 15mins(1.5Ah) 22mins(3.0Ah) 36mins(4.0Ah) 45mins(5.0Ah)
Net Weight 820g
Overall Length 185mm
Voltage 18V





Compatible with the following battery models:

  • BL1840 (196399-0) 4Ah – 36 Minutes
  • BL1830 (194204-5) 3Ah – 22 Minutes
  • BL1430 (194065-3) 3Ah – 22 Minutes
  • BL1415 (194558-0) 1.3Ah – 15 Minutes
  • Total Shipping Weight: 1kg


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