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  • Quickly and efficiently removes weld slag, rust, paint and scale from most surfaces.
  • Ideal for cleaning and descaling steel, bridgework, castings, brick, stone and many other materials.
  • Heavy-duty construction for industrial and maritime applications.
  • Proven superior design features with no internal spring components ensures trouble free performance.



A low-vibration and powerful pneumatic needle scaler, for rust removal works on  corroded surfaces, for removing rust, slag, paint and for cleaning concrete and stone.

The air powered jet chisel with a lot of accessories is used in ship building industry, machine building, corrosion protection, in shipyards and concrete repair.

Nitto Kohki JEX-2800A Reduced Vibration Model Needle Scaler

Strokes per minute: 3,700

Std. Needles with tool: 3mm X 180mm (28 Pcs)

Optional Needle Size:  2mm X 180mm (66 Pcs)

                                       4mm X 180mm (14 Pcs)

Length: 9.72″

Weight: 6.8 lbs.

Air Consumption: 15.2 cfm

PSI: 85



Never skip a blow, cleans and descales all jobs fast. Gets into extremely restricted areas…

An asset in any industry…de-slagging, de-sputtering welds, cleaning, castings, brick, stonework, and other materials. Jet Chisel is a prime pneumatic perfomer in each of these and other tough job areas.
Maximum performance in a light-weight, minimumsize air tool, Jet Chisel delivers years of trouble-free, efficient operation. And it’s a tool that gets all the way down to the surface of matters.
Quick, Jet Chisel needles adjust to any surface contour automatically. They get deep into corners, all the way into uneven surfaces, all types of curvatures making it a tool no shop should be without. It’s an equally efficient time-saver in ship-board applications, too.


JET CHISEL-NITTO-JEX-2800A-needle-beam-air-chisel-rust-remover-low-vibration-type

Powerful scaling with multi-needles


Stroke Speed: 3.700 min-1
Needles to be used: OD 2 x180 (66pcs.)
or OD 3 x180 (28pcs.)
or OD 4 x180 (14pcs.)
Air Consumption: 0.43 m³/min
Mass (Weight): 3.1 kg
Standard Accessories:
  • Needle OD 4mm x 180 mm : 14 pcs.
    (Needle OD 3mm x 180 mm : 28 pcs. on the body)
  • Needle Supporter OD 4mm : 1pc.
  • Bushing : 1 pc.   ● Hose Nipple : 1 pc.


Optional Needles

Premium Nitto Kohki needles out-perform competitors’ needles ensuring optimal performance and trouble-free operation.

Anti-sparking beryllium copper and stainless steel needles available upon request. Consult factory before ordering.

PN Description
TA98780 Needle 2mm x 150mm (100pcs./set)
TA98781 Needle 2mm x 180mm (100pcs./set)
TA98782 Needle 3mm x 180mm (100pcs./set)
TA98783 Needle 4mm x 180mm (50pcs./set)
PN Description Model
TP00338 Needle Supporter 2mm JT-20,
TP00337 Needle Supporter 3mm
TQ05210 Needle Supporter 2mm AJC-16
TQ04554 Needle Supporter 3mm
TP00290 Needle Supporter 2mm JC-16
TP02244 Needle Supporter 2mm JEX-24
TP02245 Needle Supporter 3mm
TP14492 Needle Supporter 4mm
TP01499 Needle Supporter 2mm JX-28,
TP01461 Needle Supporter 3mm
TP01462 Needle Supporter 4mm
TP16475 Needle Supporter 2mm EJC-32A
TP16301 Needle Supporter 3mm


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