Red Lockout Padlock, Different Key Type, Master Keyed: No, Thermoplastic Body Material

Product Details

The lightweight, nonconductive, durable Xenoy® thermoplastic padlock body can be customized with permanent write-on labels. The key retaining feature will not release the key when the lock is open.

Technical Specs

  • Body Width 1-1/2″
  • Shackle Width 25/32″
  • Shackle Material Hardened Steel
  • Shackle Height 1-1/2″
  • Shackle Dia. 1/4″
  • Body Material Thermoplastic
  • Key Type Different
  • Item Lockout Padlock
  • Legend Danger Locked Out Do Not Remove
  • Includes Customizable Labels
  • Standards OSHA 1910.147
  • Green Certification or Other Recognition UL Environment Claims Validation
  • Body Height 3″
  • Body Color Red
  • Shackle Type Open
  • Number of Pins 6


Leight-weight (90gr) Zenex composite safety padlock red with a (6mm) hardened steel shackle.

Engineered for use in mechanical lockout-tagout (LOTO) applications.

Key retaining (when shackle is open).

Compliant with regulations: 1 employee = 1 padlock = 1 key (OSHA).

LifeGuard key charting service to ensure unintentional duplication of keys.

Optional available with robust cover and/or laser engraving.

Padlock options:*

411KARED – Keyed Alike
411MKRED – Master Keyed
411KAMKRED – Keyed Alike and Master Keyed





  • Complies with OSHA regulations: Yes
  • Supplied keys: 1 (OSHA Standard)
  • Shackle diameter: 6 mm
  • Shackle height: 38 mm
  • Shackle material: Hardened steel
  • Body material: Zenex composite
  • Laser engraving possible: Yes (optional)
  • Key systems: Keyed different or keyed alike
  • Master-keyed possible: Yes (optional)
  • Padlock labels: “Danger” and “Property of” included in French, English and Spanish
  • Key charting service: Yes (optional)
  • Lock mechanism: Key retained
  • Temperature range: -57 °C to +177 °C
  • Pull strenght resistance: 114 Kg
  • ATEX-certified: Zone 2
  • Chemical resistant: Yes
  • Corrosion resistant: No
  • Non-magnetic padlock: Yes
  • Silicone free: Yes
  • UV-stable: Yes






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