Model No. 420

Steel lockout hasp, 25mm jaw clearance

Master Lock 420 Lockout Hasp with Vinyl Coated Handle, 1″ Inside Jaw Diameter

  • Six holes for padlocks (sold separately) provide the ability to require multiple authorizations to allow access to one locked out device or energy source
  • Heavy gauge (1/16″) steel jaw is zinc plated to resist corrosion, and fits into holes 5/16″ or larger
  • Non-conductive, red vinyl handle coating improves grip and protects equipment from scratching
  • Hasp locking holes accommodate padlock shackles up to 9/32″ outside diameter
  • Limited lifetime warranty


Lockout Hasps are integral to a successful safety lockout program or procedure as they can provide effective multi-person lockout. Multiple padlocks can be applied to Lockout Hasps, this allows an energy source to be isolated by more than one worker. This means that the energy source is completely locked out and can’t be operated until each worker unlocks their padlock from the hasp.

Lockout Hasps clip on to several different areas of a hazardous energy source, ensuring that it can’t be switched on (LOCKED OUT) and tagging it visually (TAGOUT). By clearly marking the lockout hasp with a date and name and attaching a padlock to the hasp, the hasp is efficiently used in a successful safety lockout program.

Our hasps are available in several different sizes which means that workers can effectively isolate any energy source required. Padlocks applied to the hasp can be colour-coded depending on which engineer has the key, this will mean added safety.


Overview & Features

Product Features

  • Steel Lockout Hasp
  • Lockout by multiple workers at each lockout point
  • Keeps equipment inoperative while repairs or adjustments are being made
  • Control cannot be turned on until last worker’s safety padlock is removed from hasp
  • Heavy gauge steel jaw with red vinyl coated handle
  • Dimensions are 44mm x 11,4cm with 25mm inside jaw diameter, holds up to 6 safety padlocks

Product Details

The Master Lock No. 420 Steel Safety Lockout Hasp features a 25mm inside jaw diameter and can hold up to six padlocks. Ideal for lockout by multiple workers at each lockout point, the hasp keeps equipment inoperative while repairs or adjustments are made. Control cannot be turned on until last worker’s padlock is removed from hasp.

Product Specifications

  • Product Number 420
  • Body Width 44mm
  • Lockout Hasp Length 11,4cm
  • Accepts Shackle Diameter up to 7mm
  • Colour Red
  • Description Commercial Boxed Packaging
  • Shelf Pack Qty 12
  • Master Carton Qty 72








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