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SUPERLOK Tube End Needle Valves

  • Patented I-Fitting Gauge Rings Installed for Precise Connection
  • Every Valve Nitrogen Pressure Tested
  • Smooth Operating Torque
  • Superior Quality and Reliability
  • Single and Double Ferrule
  • 316 Stainless Steel




■ Integral bonnet design
■ Bar stock body
■ Compact design
■ Low operating torques
■ Variety of End Connections
■ Straight and Angle ow patterns
■ Each and every valve is tested at the factory
■ Each Valve is tested with nitrogen at 1000psig (69bar) to maximum allowable leak rate of 0.1 SCCM.
■ Hydrostatic shell test is porformed at 1.5 times of the working pressure. (OPTION)


Pressure rating 6000psig (413bar)@100°F (38°C)
Temperature rating -65 to 450°F (-54 to 232°C) with PTFE packing and up to 600°F (315°C) with PEEK packing
Body material 316 stainless steel and Alloy400
Oriffice 0.17˝ and 0.25˝ (4.3mm and 6.4mm)
■ Each Valve is tested with nitrogen at 1000psig (69bar) to maximum allowable leak rate of 0.1 SCCM.
■ Hydrostatic shell test is porformed at 1.5 times of the working pressure. (OPTION)


Materials of Construction

No. Component Material Grade / ASTM Speci cation
Stainless Steel Alloy 400
1 Bar Handle Stainless Steel
Knob Handle Phenolic with brass insert
Set Screw Stainless Steel
2 Packing Nut SS316 / A276 Alloy R-405/B164
3 Packing Gland
*4 Packing Support
*5 Packing PTFE (Standard), PEEK (Optional)
*6 Vee Stem SS316 / A276 Alloy R-405/B164
Soft Seat Stem SS316 / A276 with PCTFE ALLOY R-405/B164 with PCTFE
*7 Body SS316 / A479 ALLOY R-405/B164




Table of dimensions
Order Number Ori ce Cv End Connections Dimensions
Series Part No. Inlet Outlet L1 A1 A2 L2 B1 B2 E F H
SBNV1 F 4N 4,3 0,37 1/4˝ FEMALE NPT 47,6 23,8 23,8 36,5 25,4 25,4 11,1 45,0 51,0
M 4N 1/4˝ MALE NPT 49,2 24,6 24,6
MF 4N 1/4˝ MALE NPT 1/4˝ FEMALE NPT 48,4 23,8 36,5 25,4 26,2 11,1
MS 4N-4 1/4˝ MALE NPT 1/4˝ SUPERLOK 53,3 28,7 39,8 28,7
S 4 1/4˝ SUPERLOK 62,4 31,2 31,2 29,7
SBNV2 F 6N 6,4 0,73 3/8˝ FEMALE NPT 64,0 32,0 32,0 48,6 31,8 31,8 16,8 64,0 63,0
F 8N 1/2˝ FEMALE NPT 35,8
MF 6N 3/8˝ MALE NPT 3/8˝ FEMALE NPT 31,0
MF 8N 1/2˝ MALE NPT 1/2˝ FEMALE NPT 64,5 32,5 35,8
MF 12N-8N 3/4˝ MALE NPT 1/2˝ FEMALE NPT 63,8 31,8
MS 6N-8 3/8˝ MALE NPT 1/2˝ SUPERLOK 73,7 41,9
S 6 3/8˝ SUPERLOK 78,2 39,1 39,1
S 8 1/2˝ SUPERLOK 83,8 41,9 41,9
*All dimensions in millimeters. All dimensions are for reference only, subject to change.
*Dimension shown with SUPERLOK nuts measure in the  nger-tight, where applicable.
Technical Data
Temperature and Pressure Rating
Body Material Stem Temperature Rating Pressure Rating@
-65°F~100°F (-54°C~38°C)
SS316 Vee -65°F~450°F (-54°C~232°C) 6000psig (413 bar)
Soft Seat -65°F~200°F (-54°C~93°C)
Alloy 400 Vee -65°F~450°F (-54°C~232°C) 5000psig (345bar)
Soft Seat -65°F~200°F (-54°C~93°C)
*The above ratings are for a standard valve with PTFE packing.
*Extreme temperature fl     tuations may require packing adjustment.
Temperature vs Working Pressure
Temperature Rating Pressure psig(bar) @ Temperature Rating
SS316 Alloy 400
-65°F (-54°C) to 100°F (38°C) 6000psig (413bar) 5000psig (435 bar)
200°F (93°C) 5160psig (355bar) 4400psig (303 bar)
300°F (148°C) 4660psig (321bar) 4120psig (284 bar)
350°F (176°C) 4470psig (308bar) 4050psig (279 bar)
400°F (204°C) 4280psig (295bar) 3980psig (274bar)
450°F (232°C) 4130psig (284bar) 3970psig (273 bar)
Packing and Body material vs Temperature and Pressure Rating
Packing Material Body Material Temperature Rating Pressure Rating@ Max. Temperature
PTFE (Standard) SS316 -65°F~450°F (-54°C~232°C) 4130psig (284 bar)
Alloy 400 3970psig (273 bar)
PEEK SS316 -65°F~600°F (-54°C~315°C) 3760psig (259bar)
Alloy 400 -65°F~500°F (-54°C~260°C) 3960psig (272bar)
* Alloy 400 not applicable over 500 °F(260 °C)
* PEEK is not recommended for service with aromatic heat transfer or concentrated sulfuric and nitric acids. Other limitations may apply.










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