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WS-6000M Portable Magnetic Drilling Machine






WS-6000M Portable Magnetic Drilling Machine

  • Brand : WS (Wind Speed)
  • Model: WS-6000M (Manual Feed)
  • Hole Capacity: 60mm (for 13-60mm cutter and up to 75mm thickness plate )
  • Motor Rated Power Consumption: 1850W ( 7.5 Ampere)
  • No-Load Speed: 750 rpm / 450 rpm
  • Magnet Adhesion: 22540 N / 2300 kgf
  • Magnet Dimensions: 210mm x 100mm x 64mm
  • Weight: 23 kg




  • Designed to use T.C.T. Broach Cutter.
  • The machine has been designed with 2 speed (low and high speed) options that allow the operator to make an appropriate choice R.PM.
  • Serves as two types of drilling that allows loading in a “Broach Cutter” or change with drill chuck for loading “Twist Drill or Hole Saw”.
  • Bearing Bracket aligns cutters precisely, which increases cutter and motor life. Also utilized with roller bearing for increase main shaft stability and avoid motor and shaft sway easily.
  • The roller bearing design that lowers down damage. The cutter no needs to change many times and save the cost also increase cutter life.
  • Designed with double coil magnetic base when has power the in front of coil will start. This design is for adjust to point the accuracy position on work sheet. When any one coil burning that still keeps another and avoid danger. It’s high safety.
  • Designed with electronic switch that can adjust an electric current and keep the voltage. The stability will higher than traditional switch.
  • Light weight, only 23 Kg.


Model WS-6000M
Voltage (Single Phase) 220 ~ 240V AC 50 / 60 Hz
Motor Power Consumption 1850 W
No-load Speed 750 rpm Dia. 13 mm~35 mm
450 rpm Dia. 36 mm~60 mm
Tool Adaptor Inner Diameter 19.05 mm
Height for max. stroke 135 mm
Coolant Supply Via Tool Holder
Magnet Power Consumption 85 W
Magnet Adhesion 22540 N / 2300 kgf
Magnet Dimensions 210mm x 100mm x 64mm
Weight 23 kg
Hole-Cutting Capacity
T.C.T. Broach Cutter Hole Diameter Plate Thickness
18-60 mm 6-75 mm
Twist Drill Max. Dia 16 mm

















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