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Sheet size 1.2×40 m
Bubble dia./thick 10 mm/4 mm
Weight 350 gr/m2
Reflectivity 95-96%
Emissivity 0.03-0.04

99,9% pure aluminium foil, fibre free doesn’t generate corrosion, insect resistant

Spesification Details


ZT – 01 B
Material Alu – bubble – alu
Thickness 4 mm
Weight 350 gr/m2
Emmisivity 0.03( ASTM C1371 method )
Reflectivity 96% ( ASTM F1252 method )
Water vapor transmission 0.00016 (ASTM E96)
Fungi resistance no growth (ASTM C1338)
Salt humidity test no corrosion
Bleeding and delamination pass (ASTM C1224)
Pliability pass (ASTM C1224)
Tensile 68.89 Mpa (ASTM D882)
Tear 15.8 N (ASTM D1938)
Sound transmission loss at 4000 Hz 6 dB
Surface burning class B ( UL 723/E84)

No (SNI 03-6771-2002)











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